Holistic Treatments


Massage has been used for thousands oyears to help attain and massage 2maintain good health. It improves every system in the body by increasing circulation, aiding digestion, stimulating the lymphatic system and the elimination of toxins as well as relaxing tense muscles. These direct physical effects combined with the physiological benefits of massage can leave you with an overall effect of well being.

Swedish Full Body Massage (60 mins)   £38.00

Swedish Back Massage      (30 mins)   £20.00


Hot Stone Massage

The therapeutic benefits of Hot Stone massage have been enjoyed for centuries. During the treatment smooth, Basalt stones are heated and used within the massage. The warmth and placement of the stones allows the muscle tissues to relax quicker than a normal massage, so they can be used to provide a deeper tissue massage.

hot stone massage 3


Hot Stone Full Body Massage  (75 mins)  £45.00

Hot Stone Back Massage       (30 mins)  £22.00

Cold Marble stones can also be used in the above treatments to help reduce inflammation and provide a more invigorating massage.


Indian Head Massage

indian head massage 2

This treatment involves an oil free massage to the shoulders, upper arms, neck, face and scalp. It is extremely good for stress and often brings immediate relief within these specific areas. Tension can be eased and the lymphatic system improved, dispersing toxins from the muscles allowing flexibility and fluidity of movement to restore.

Indian Head Massage  (30 mins)  £18.00